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Pavimento y revestimiento cerámico 

5 Key Trends in Ceramics to Transform Your Kitchen

Do you want to give your kitchen a totally renovated look? One of the ideal materials for this area of the house is ceramics. The kitchen is a space that requires multiple care to keep the tiles in perfect condition.

Therefore, select a material that is easy to care for and easy to clean. Ceramic materials bring these and other benefits. Discover the 6 key trends in ceramics to build the perfect kitchen, the one that best suits your home. We tell you how!

1- Nordic style tiles
A glossy and neat finish for your kitchen. White and glossy tiles offer strength, easy cleaning and simplicity. The combination with wood or darker tones adds a touch of modernity to the kitchen.2-

2- Cement based tiles
The cement colors give a lot of character and modernity to this space, getting an industrial and avant-garde touch in your kitchen.

3- Wood effect porcelain
Is wood inconvenient for your kitchen? Choose wood-effect porcelain. It provides texture, warmth and simple care. These are the ingredients to get a kitchen that is cozy and synchronized with the whole of your home. You can choose the furniture in white and you will create a warm and cozy aesthetics.

4- Shape your kitchen: geometric tiles
Add a geometric shape to your kitchen for a contemporary look. Hexagons, diamonds or mosaics provide character without leaving aside simplicity.

5- Textures and relief, a different touch

Relief marks the difference from the rest of the tiles. These types of textures create an elegant ambiance and add the distinctive touch you are looking for. A key trend this

Now you know all the current trends to find the perfect kitchen for your family. At Nadis Design, we offer you the best ceramic designs. Check out all our collections!

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