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Croma collection: a touch of color in your rooms

Adding color to the walls of your spaces turns your space into a bold and optimistic environment.

Too difficult or too risky a proposal? Quite the opposite. Nadis Design’s Croma collection is defined by its vibrant and optimistic character. Discover all the possibilities that this modern collection can offer you!

Croma: a full-colour atmosphere

The Croma collection is a modern proposal ideal for demanding spaces. It has been made with de-shaded porcelain tile, which allows you to cover both small rooms and larger areas. Suitable for indoor or outdoor floors and walls

This particular color range can be chosen in six trendy shades: white, gray, ocean, leaf, grenade and black. 

A vibrant and positive style so that your space breathes a unique, natural and authentic atmosphere without forgetting the joy that brings color.

A single size and wide variety of colors

It has a 15 x 15 format. This ample size together with the variety of colors to choose, turn the Croma collection into a different range that will fill your rooms with style and elegance.

Modernity and color with Nadis Design!

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