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Discover the latest trends in ceramics

Ceramic materials offer many possibilities. From different finishes, new textures and degraded colors to the smallest detail of the natural material itself. You can get these effects on the floors and walls of your home.

The result will be a unique interior space and a custom home or commercial space. At Nadis Design, we seek to offer you quality materials in a contemporary and minimalist style.

Discover the latest in ceramic materials and find the perfect trend for your home or commercial space. Let us tell you!

1- The wood effect: a must in interior design

Ceramic wood perfectly simulates the effect of natural material. It provides warmth and a cozy atmosphere, but has the advantage that its care is much simpler.

In addition, very different formats can be chosen, such as the herringbone effect, uneven distribution or classic wood with imperfections typical of natural material.

At the same time, the ceramic material can achieve very different finishes. Nadis Design is committed to a modern and timeless trend. They offer a perfect result for contemporary environments.

2- 3D effects

The material may include textures and relief. For example, in geometric shapes, lines, or waves. It is ideal for rooms such as bathrooms or public spaces, as they add a distinctive and personal touch.

3- Textured marble

Marble is a classic material that is always successful.

They are available in different colors: light and dark. It adapts very well to all types of rooms and different home styles. It is a versatile material that combines perfectly.

4- Natural stone

Stone is a key material. It creates neutral and timeless environments, which is why it is successful for many seasons. They have very different shades, but all of them, depending on your needs, give an elegant, practical and functional aesthetics.

5- Use textures 

Instead of opting for smooth, neutral colors, you can choose textures that give color and movement to your home. For example, geometric shapes or mosaics with different shapes or de-shaded. 

6- Combining several textures: innovation and elegance

There is no need to create too uniform an environment. To bring dynamism to your room, an innovative idea is to use different designs. They can have different finishes, different designs or different formats. A risky yet elegant touch.

Your home or commercial space deserves a quality material that gives it a unique touch! Get to know all the possibilities we offer you at Nadis Design.


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