Dress up your home with these springtime trends  1024 576 nadisdesign

Dress up your home with these springtime trends 

Sun, good weather and lots of color. Spring is coming and your home still dresses in winter? It’s time for a change! At Nadis Design we will help you to make your favorite rooms reflect the joy, freshness and harmony that spring brings. Discover the latest trends in design and interior design for this season with Nadis Design collections.

Japandi style with Perpetual and Croma collections

The Japandi style arises through a mixture of styles typical of eastern and western culture. The rooms with Japanese aesthetics are combined with the modern and minimalist style typical of Scandinavian designs. This way, we produce the Japandi style, a spring trend in interior design. 

Timeless elegance that uses wood as the link between both trends. The Perpetual collection, with wood of the highest certification, gives it a warm and rustic touch in any of its colors: Warm, Honey or Walnut.To emphasize the Japanese style under the neutral and minimalist colors of the Scandinavian, you can use color touches in specific areas. The Croma collection is ideal for this purpose. Choose your favorite colors on our website. 



Neutrals, the fashionable colors 

Many times, what we look for in our spaces is simplicity, elegance and light. We achieve this effect thanks to neutral shades in light and soft colors. All Nadis collections, present soft and relaxed colors, you just have to choose the finish that best suits the aesthetics of your room.

If last year the trend color within the nude was greige, between beige and gray, this spring get ready for the beige. Warm, cheerful and very elegant colors that convey peace and connection with elements of nature.

You can find beige colors in all our collections: Tiffany, Perpetual with its Warm color, Mondo with Light, Jura, Arctic, and Croma with Nude and White

Visit our website and prepare your home for this spring with these Nadis Design recommendations. 


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