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How are Nadis Design’s bathrooms?

In recent years, the bathroom has become, together with the bedroom, one of the preferred spaces for relaxing and disconnecting. The high quality ceramic materials that our collections offer are ideal for this type of space. Let yourself be inspired by high avant-garde designs and unique and exclusive combinations.

Neutral and natural materials.

Detailed pieces to create natural finishes and perfect textures.

Ceramic materials inspired by stone or wood are some of our favorites because of their timeless character and the great natural effect they achieve. A perfect, even result for rooms that demand clarity and purity.

Thanks to the different possibilities offered by the ceramic material we can play with different finishes and textures, including the imperfections of natural wood.


Black and White, a classic.

If you stick to the classics and are looking for a minimalist style with Nordic accents for your bathroom, our ARCTIC collection is perfect for you. We know that white is one of the most chosen colors for this type of spaces, that’s why we wanted to take our collection further, offering the whitest wall covering that we find in the market.

Another reason why Arctic is the perfect collection for bathrooms is the antimicrobial treatment that we incorporate in each of our pieces to ensure the safety of the space where it is installed. 

Brushstrokes of color 

If you want to add a touch of color to your bathroom, you can go to the CROMA collection. Choose between the different colors that we offer according to the personality you want to capture in your bathroom. Bright colors ranging from the warmest like red to the coldest colors like blue. Dare and experiment with our 15×15 format for the most exclusive and special rooms. 


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