JURA, a perfect outdoor collection 1024 576 nadisdesign

JURA, a perfect outdoor collection

Versatility, adaptability and a natural style – that’s how we define JURA, a perfect collection to dress up your indoor and outdoor spaces. Discover our new design for terraces. Natural, fresh and very Mediterranean character.


As we have said, our JURA collection in porcelain stoneware is perfect for all types of outdoor floors and walls: terraces, porches, swimming pools, etc. Its features make it ideal for this type of application.Do you want to know what makes it perfect for outdoors? Read on:


  • It does not lose color over time and does not wear out with exposure to the sun. 


  • Its anti-slip properties make it ideal for this type of flooring. It works very well on terraces with swimming pools and in addition to bringing a very natural style to the space, it offers you the best performance in safety and comfort.


  • Its technical features make it a very hard and durable collection. Resistant to temperature changes such as frost. It is also resistant to chemical cleaning and pool maintenance products, thanks to its low porosity.



  • It perfectly emulates natural stone, being an elegant material, in light and warm colors such as Beige, Gray and Light. It has been carefully worked to offer a high-end result imitating any type of imperfection present in natural material. You can choose between two types of finishes: Natural and AntiSlip. 


If you are thinking of renovating your terrace, JURA is undoubtedly your best option for both outdoor floors and walls. Not only does it offer you the best of its technical features such as durability, anti-slip, resistance to weather factors, low porosity and color retention, but it will also give you a touch of style, exclusivity and a very Mediterranean breeze.



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