Jura collection: versatile and contemporary 1024 576 nadisdesign

Jura collection: versatile and contemporary

What kind of floor tile fits you? This is a fundamental issue when you want to renew your home or commercial space. Choosing the right quality material is no easy task. Build a versatile, functional and modern environment with the help of Nadis Design. This is one of our star collections for floors: the Jura collection.

These are its features and benefits. Let us tell you!

Jura: an ideal collection for all spaces

The Jura collection has great versatility, as it can be adapted to all types of rooms. It stands out for its strength and great chromatic range. In other words, it is a classic and timeless design that does not go out of fashion due to its stone shades.

Jura stands out for being faithful to the original raw material. This collection has been worked with every detail and care to offer a harmonious and functional product with clean aesthetics.It works for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It has natural, non-slip finishes that transform the collection into a safe bet.

Customize the collection 

You can choose different formats and finishes, ranging from smaller sizes to large formats. At the same time, they include different combinations: the traditional square-format mosaic, the brick mosaic with asymmetric dimensions and the origami mosaic with different distributions.Regarding its colors, you can choose between three of them: light (light gray), beige and gray (dark gray).

Choose the best materials with Nadis Design!

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