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Pavimento y revestimiento cerámico 

Latest trends in interior decoration

Decoration and interior design allow us to create unique and personal spaces that can be completely adapted to the aesthetics and needs of the space and the customers we work with. At Nadis Design we never stop training, we learn every day about new techniques, the latest trends and we let ourselves be inspired by the most avant-garde designs and styles of the moment. In today’s article we show you 3 trends in interior design that are a hit in 2019:

 Mediterranean Style

A style that we work very comfortably with and use in some of our projects is the Mediterranean style. The most Mediterranean designs are characterized by the use of materials that evoke warmth and naturalness such as wood and stone. We highlight the domes and the use of wooden beams in ceilings and walls. The predominant colors are neutral, always in very rustic, sandy shades. Natural elements cannot be missing either. For us, the perfect collection to achieve a Mediterranean style is PERPETUAL, for its warmth, elegance and high certification in wood.


Industrial Style

 Industrial style is one of the preferred styles for many architects and decorators.
The aesthetics of the space itself is created through the structural elements of the architecture. Some of the key elements are exposed brick walls, exposed iron and concrete or metal pipes and conduits. Gray shades are a basic to achieve this aesthetics, so if you want an industrial style we recommend our MONDO collection.


Nordic Style

Typical of the coldest countries such as Sweden, Norway and Denmark. White and light shades are predominant in this type of spaces, in addition to their simple and very minimalist designs. The functionality of the spaces is highly valued and comfortable and warm corners are created. Wood, marble and stone are essential, that’s why our ARCTIC collection is ideal. We also recommend CROMA to achieve the Nordic style we are looking for.

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