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Martín Berasategui: new ambassador of Nadis Design

Nadis Design has a new ambassador. Martín Berasategui, renowned and prestigious chef with ten Michelin stars, has trusted us to arrange his three-star Michelin restaurant in Lasarte-Oria, Gipuzkoa.This project, led by Mecanismo, design and architecture firm, has managed to create a natural and sophisticated space, totally adapted to the features of Martín Berasategui’s restaurant. Top-quality materials that go hand in hand with first-class gastronomy and exquisite culinary works.  

 Lasarte-Oria, Gipuzkoa restaurant

The interior of the restaurant is a masterpiece of design and architecture.  The main floor of the dining room has been manufactured by Nadis Design and for this purpose the wood version of our porcelain stoneware materials has been used. Each piece has been carefully cut to size, to achieve softness and lightness in the strokes. This way we create a uniform, clean and very light visual effect. We give a semicircular shape to the flooring according to the fantastic woodwork of the ceiling.


Geometric forms of rustic and natural style together with designs that evoke avant-garde and innovation are some of the elements that identify Martín Berasategui’s restaurant. With materials such as our porcelain stoneware in wood colors we manage to create warm and cozy atmospheres like this one. In addition, thanks to the use of water jet technology in the elaboration one by one of all our pieces, unique forms are obtained, that distinguish any room with exclusivity, exquisiteness and elegance.

A great architectural and aesthetic challenge that Nadis Design has managed to surpass by far, adapting completely to the style and needs of our renowned chef and ambassador. 

If prestigious professionals such as Martín Berasategui have Nadis Design in their projects, why don’t you do it too? We strive to achieve perfection in each and every one of our projects, exceeding the expectations of our most demanding customers. Highly qualified professionals in the ceramics industry fully at your service so that you can achieve the best results. 


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