Matte or gloss finish? Discover the possibilities of the Arctic collectio 1024 576 nadisdesign

Matte or gloss finish? Discover the possibilities of the Arctic collectio

The bathroom and kitchen are rooms that require a comfortable, useful and yet elegant design. White shades combine very well and provide room with spaciousness, brightness and cleanliness. It is important to build a minimalist and modern ambiance that reviews the interior of your home with sophistication and practicality.

Ceramic coverings are widely used for their durability, elegance and timelessness.

Choose the ideal finish with the Arctic collection

The ceramic material in the Arctic collection offers many possibilities. Its white color will make your furniture and decoration stand out. In addition, an antibacterial treatment has been incorporated for greater care.

This collection by Nadis Design offers two options: matte shade and gloss shade. However, choosing the right finish is not easy. Which are the features of the matte and gloss finish? Find out!

Matte finish

Matte finishes are recommended for wet areas such as bathrooms. Tiles with this finish get less dirty. This avoids stains and imperfections, giving a longer clean appearance. At the same time, its care is simple.

Gloss finish

Glossy shades are perfect for kitchens. What are the benefits?These surfaces are glazed and waterproof. Although they get dirty faster than matte colors, they can be cleaned without excessive care.

In addition, it gives amplitude and luminosity to your room.


Choose the design that best suits your home style. At Nadis Design, we offer you advice on the ceramic materials you need.



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