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New nude color in CROMA

Our most vibrant, cheerful and fun collection incorporates a new color, this time a softer nude color. Croma allows you to create and shape your own personality in each of your rooms. Dare to combine our collections Nadis Design

Nude color: timeless basics that are in trend 


  • With its unique 15×15 format and its studied de-shading, Croma allows to cover from small spaces to big surfaces. You can use it to highlight and illuminate a certain area or install it on complete wall or floor coverings. 



  • It features a wide range of colors ranging from the most daring colors such as Grenade, Ocean, Leaf, in reds, blues and greens to the most classic and minimalist in White, Black, Gray and our newest addition; the Nude. 


  • Its installation in bathrooms and kitchens is a pure trend for this year. You can also play with its layout and make different geometric shapes such as diamonds in different colors or squares, use your imagination!

  • The new nude color is perfect for any type of room and can easily be combined with natural materials present in other of our collections such as stone or wood. 


  • If your bathroom, kitchen or living room has little light, a great option will be the Croma collection in White for wall coverings. It will give you the feeling of space and light that you need. 


The new ”nude” color from Croma can adapt to both classic and contemporary interiors. Let yourself be inspired by Nadis Design creations and dare to change. Visit our website and discover all the colors of the Croma collection.


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