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Perpetual collection: light and warm

Do you want a renewed environment for your home?  It’s time to feel comfortable in a contemporary, modern and minimalist home. At Nadis Design, we work with the latest trends in the ceramic industry to offer you a superior quality material.

Discover our Perpetual collection, a design carefully created to turn your home into an elegant and unique space.

Perpetual collection: certification in wood

Each of the pieces in the Perpetual collection has a light and subtle design. It is carefully crafted to achieve maximum wood certification. This is a collection that uses unique shapes achieved with water jet technology. The result is brilliant, your home will become a comfortable and welcoming place for the whole family!

Adapt it to the style of your home

This collection can be customized so that the materials fit in the best possible way in your home. On the one hand, you can choose the size. You can find up to six different sizes.

On the other hand, you can choose three formats for the complements: the mosaic, with a square and symmetrical shape; the spike mosaic, with a triangular and asymmetrical distribution design; and the chevron mosaic, with a triangular and symmetrical combination.

In turn, the wood-effect material can be chosen in three different colors. The warm tone is a light and cold color, the honey tone has a dark wood effect, warm at the same time, and the walnut tone is a dark classic brown color.

And you, do you want to give your home a new look? At Nadis Design, we help and advise you to find the best version of your home.

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