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These are the latest trends for a modern and minimalist bathroom

It’s time! Discover the new trends for your floor and wall coverings, with the aim of making it your favorite room.

We’ll tell you what the key trends are this season!

1- Different textures for a unique environment

This season combines different materials to obtain a result of contrasts. One of the most widely used materials continues to be ceramics due to its strength and versatility.

2- For small spaces and classic environments, plain and light colors

In the case of a limited size bathroom, choose plain and light shades. White is a classic color that never fails. It brings a great amplitude to the room. Today, bathrooms are becoming minimalist. It adds contrast by combining white with darker colors such as dark gray or black.

The Arctic collection from Nadis Design is ideal for a bathroom with simple and minimalist aesthetics. You can choose between two white finishes: matte or gloss.

3- A Mediterranean and vintage touch with the wood effect

Create a bathroom with Mediterranean style or a return to the past effect with ceramics that reproduces an original natural wood effect. Its realism is surprising and also has the advantage of offering a much simpler maintenance than the wood itself.

Nadis Design’s Perpetual collection achieves a lightweight, subtle design of superior quality. Three shades of wood with which you can get a floor adapted to the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

4- Full color walls

The bathroom covering can stop being boring. Choose joy, attitude and a more optimistic character with a striking color. The contrast between the floor and the wall tile will turn your bathroom into an attractive and elegant environment with a distinctive point.

Nadis Design’s Croma collection is presented in 15×15 format. It provides a combination of different shades of the same color de-shaded. You can choose from six trendy colors: white, gray, ocean, leaf, grenade and black. A vibrant, eye-catching bath!

Get a unique bathroom style with the trend that best suits your home. Let yourself be surprised by all the possibilities of ceramic materials. At Nadis Design, we offer you the best quality design!


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