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These are the trends in floor coverings for 2019

Dress your home with the best materials! When you want to renovate your home or commercial space, you must carefully choose a design that suits your lifestyle or your business.

The first thing to consider when choosing the type of flooring is to select a practical, functional and timeless design. It is one of the main elements and it is not an easy job. For this reason, you must find the perfect design according to your needs. What are the trends in floor coverings for this year? .

What type of material can you choose for the floor covering of your home or commercial space?

1- Ceramic floor covering

Ceramic floor is resistant and easy to maintain. It offers a wide variety of design options, so it can adapt to any home style. One of its benefits is that it mimics the effect of other materials.

One of the most commonly used is wood-effect ceramic flooring. A surprising result very similar to wood!

2- Conventional ceramics

Conventional ceramics is a material that includes a finish that is highly resistant to shocks and scratches. This type of floor coverings offers high thermal conductivity. Traditional ceramics helps to create modern environments with a clean and simple character.

3- Porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware floor coverings are very suitable for places where a hard and resistant surface is required. It is often used in large areas and is more affordable than marble or other stones. Easy to clean and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

4- Vinyl floors

It is a cost-effective solution that mimics the texture and quality of different materials. It is a good alternative to more expensive floor coverings and can also be applied over existing ones. This makes installation quicker and easier.

5- Smooth cement or microcement

Homes with a modern and minimalist style can opt for microcement. This material features high hardness and strength. In terms of design, it can include various colors, pantones and patterns. It admits a great variety, reason why it is a very customizable material.

Discover the floors that are used this year

Floor coverings that emulate a wood effect are widely used. On the other hand, those colors that add effects, a more asymmetrical tile distribution or in larger sizes are the trend in 2019.

Which options are the most appropriate? Depending on what you need, you will choose the material and design that best fits the style of your project.

At Nadis Design, we help you build a modern and practical space!


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