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This Christmas, prepare your living room with Nadis Design

We know that Christmas is a time of lunches and dinners with friends and family. Last days to fine-tune your living room and leave each and every one of your guests speechless. This Christmas, dress your living room with elegance, design and a lot of magic so that it glows and shines with Nadis Design.

Perpetual Collection: a cozy Christmas living room.

The collection we have chosen for this season is PERPETUAL, featuring high certification in wood and a very light and warm design.
The Walnut color will make your living room a cozy, very comfortable place to spend one of the most magical seasons of the year. In addition, you will have a timeless design, very combinable with the different styles and environments you want to create in each season.

Mix and Match: combine some of our collections and you will get it right.

Another of the ideas we have to set up your living room this Christmas or next is to add a touch of color, combining PERPETUAL and CROMA. Exclusive pieces in high-end porcelain stoneware with vibrant colors that will help you create the atmosphere and ambiance you’re looking for. In this case, for the time of year we are in, the Leaf or Grenade color can give a different and very creative touch to your living room or you can also use a White color for the walls and you will get a cozy room in beige light and neutral shades.

Our proposal in accessories: subtle touches of green and gold 

Wooden floor with Perpetual and walls with Croma in white color. A simple and very timeless design but that you can change at the same time giving it the look you want thanks to the accessories. As we have neutral colors, we can look for points that stand out from others with Christmas motifs in green and gold. A big natural green tree will dress your living room with a lot of Christmas spirit. Decorate it with gold details. You can combine it with wooden furniture and accessories in beige, light colors and golden spotlights. A very elegant style, cozy and Christmas.


Is your living room ready for Christmas? Try our combinations. At Nadis we help you to make your home shine with style and distinction. 

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