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Tiffany collection: timeless elegance

It is essential to find the right material with which to cover the floor and wall of your spaces. You, who are always looking for the best for you and your family, do you want to discover a high quality ceramic collection with a modern and current design? Don’t look any further. Nadis Design’s Tiffany collection is perfect. We’ll tell you all about it!

Tiffany: porcelain material in soft and elegant colors

The Tiffany collection conveys strength and beauty. It is presented in four soft shades that last over time. The design of the stone has been carefully worked to provide a matte polished surface with a silky touch finish.

It is a current, modern and timeless collection that is perfect for all types of spaces. Its easy cleaning and care thanks to its imperfect lines make it a collection that combines perfectly in any project.

Adapt the collection 

Tiffany has different formats and finishes. This way, it will allow you to customize your rooms as you want. Silk ( matte polished ), natural and non-slip

As accessories, you can choose from three different distributions: mosaic with square and straight shapes, brick mosaic with an asymmetrical distribution, and origami mosaic, with unequal sizes and distributions that make its pieces stand out.Four different colors are available: white, beige, gray and graphite.

Give your project a completely new style with Nadis Design’s porcelain tiles!



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