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Tiffany, Perpetual and Mondo: different textures and finishe

Tiffany Collection

A collection inspired by stone with a natural finish and a perfect matte polish thanks to its Silk finish. Its touch and texture are very silky and clean, which brings softness and harmony to the rooms where Tiffany is present. We can find this stone finish in different neutral colors such as White, Beige, Gray and Graphite. A total of 4 basic colors that allow us to create spaces with true personality and elegance. Not only can we play with their colors and finishes but also with their 8 formats and their special pieces (Brick Mosaic and Origami Mosaic). A collection with wide possibilities…


Perpetual Collection

If you’re looking for high quality porcelain stoneware inspired by natural wood, the Perpetual collection is what you’re looking for. Worked in detail to achieve the highest certification. Thanks to the advanced techniques used in its manufacture, each one of the imperfections of the wood are separated, obtaining a clean, natural and uniform finish. In addition, the water jet technology allows us to create unique shapes adapting the design to the desired aesthetics. Its finishes: Warm, Honey and Walnut. Three colors that can be combined in different ways. Discover Chevron Mosaic and other different adaptations.


Mondo Collection

Industrial-avant-garde style in interior design and creation has become a trend over the last year. Some of the materials used in the creation of this type of spaces combine iron, concrete and elements of construction and exposed installations. A mixture that shows the beauty of the architecture of the project itself in a very subtle and elegant way. If you want to achieve an industrial style, the Mondo collection makes it very easy for you, for its inspiration in microcement of the highest quality. Its colors: Light, Gray and Dark Gray, designed taking care of the smallest detail, in their finishes you will be able to observe meticulous details that make Mondo a collection with unique, authentic and very exclusive pieces.


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