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Activate your body with Jura

Terraces and balconies have become our most precious space during these weeks of lockdown. From there we enjoy freedom and fresh air, we applaud, sing and even talk, from a distance, with our neighbors. Now whoever has a large terrace has a treasure. If we talk about terraces and outdoors, we are talking about JURA, a versatile collection, ideal for this type of room. A collection that takes us back to natural stone that originates from fossilized material.

Yoga session

We know how important it is to have a little relaxation and feel the fresh breeze from outside every day, which is why at Nadis we suggest that you use these spaces for the relaxation and wellbeing of your body and mind. How about this afternoon we activate our body with a little yoga?

Practicing yoga will not only improve your muscles and flexibility but also strengthen your immune and nervous systems.

Sun salutation

For the session we have prepared you will not need to have much space, you can do it on your balcony. We are talking about the well-known sun salutation, a simple sequence composed of 12 movements that require controlled breathing at all times.