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Why choose the collection Mondo?

All our collections have something special that makes them different and in turn makes them unique. To adapt to the different needs of our customers, we have created a total of 6 collections. Manufactured in the highest quality ceramic material, all of them present an impeccable style and personality, being able to create authentic elegant and avant-garde spaces.In today’s article we show you in detail our Mondo collection, we are sure that it will be chosen in your next spaces and projects.

Mondo: a very strong collection

Care in every detail

If we are to highlight something from this collection, no doubt, we choose its multiple finishes and textures. This collection, full of details, is inspired by microcement and perfectly simulates this material through details in cracks, marks and elements typical of it.  

Different shades

The classic gray finishes may be perfect for some rooms. However, if you want to give light and illumination to the space, light shades in stone are more appropriate. If you’re looking for light shades, choose Light instead. You can choose between Gray and Dark Gray for a sophisticated, clean and elegant shade. What do you think of this kitchen designed with Mondo Gray? 

Highly adaptable

It has a great variety of formats so that they can be adapted to almost any surface, be it walls or floors.

In addition, we also have special pieces and complements.


Visit our website and find out about all its available sizes and multiple possibilities. 


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