About us

Nadis Design what originally matters

Design is part of our DNA.

For that we deal with tiles and its design really critical to offer maximum quality. Minimalists environments inspired us to create a series of tiles that eliminates the gratuitous to leave a tile that is fitting perfectly into current demand for modern architecture.

Nadis Design

Contemporary and minimalist environments

Nadis Design is a young company that dedicated its work to tiles and surfaces. We want to create the best designs possible, so we have not just focused on how the tile has to look like but also to eliminate the superfluous things. We offer a ceramic material of maximum quality and maximum performance.

A team formed by great professionals

Our team consists of highly educated staff who all have long-term experience in the line of business. As a consequence, we deal with tiles really critical and offer maximum quality. Our service is personalized, so if you have questions or are interested in our products feel free to contact us.

A series of 6 essential collections

Our 6 collections are inspired by the beauty and purity of mother earth. The design of our collections can be found in the present as well as in the future. Our tiles amalgamate with nature and create a beautiful, timeless and infinite atmosphere in the room where they are installed.