Nadis already has its UPEC certificate

The UPEC seal is a collective mark registered on the French market that guarantees the safety and quality standards of the products and companies in the ceramics industry that obtain it.


At Nadis Design we are proud to announce that our JURA, MONDO and TIFFANY collections have been recognized by the UPEC. This certificate guarantees that our products meet optimum quality and safety guarantees.


Some of the features that are taken into account when awarding this certification are: the abrasion and shock resistance of the products, the behavior against water and the resistance of the ceramic pieces against some chemical products used in cleaning.


The values obtained in this certification indicate the level of resistance to these factors (U4P3) – (U4P4), the highest. The evaluation of our products by UPEC has been more than satisfactory.

We are happy to announce that Nadis Design has made its way into the French market by obtaining this certification and we are proud to be able to guarantee superior quality and greater safety in our products.