Matilda and Albertina have been awarded at the IF Design Awards 2023.

Our Matilda and Albertina collections have been awarded with the iF Design Awards, one of the most important and prestigious design awards in the world.


In their 70th anniversary, the iF Design Awards have recognized and rewarded the extraordinary creativity that drives innovative projects and products to improve our daily lives and highlighting initiatives that make our world more efficient, sustainable, healthy and, of course, more fun!

Among the award winners, we find our two collections Matilda and Albertina, designed by industrial designer Inma Bermúdez.


Both collections have not only been recognized for their exceptional design, but also for their versatility that invites architects and designers to shape an endless number of creative compositions for covering both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Available in four different colors, the Matilda collection offers a perfect balance between privacy and openness to create spaces with authenticity and full of meaning.


In turn, the Albertina collection, with its modular character and handcrafted essence, adapts perfectly to the demands of the outdoor environment, offering a wide range of possibilities for designing natural environments.