We interview Jorge Herrera, owner & designer of Jorge Herrera Studio

Today in Nadis Design we meet Jorge Herrera, owner & designer of Jorge Herrera Studio. A studio with a strong sense of detail and a passion for simple processes.


Industrial designer and born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Jorge, creates his own studio in 2008. His early career with firms such as Alfa Romeo, Arkoslight and Donaliving has led to a global and multidisciplinary training that allows him to enter all areas of the creative and technical process of design.


Since 2009, the studio has been working closely with Flos, getting involved in many projects with the Italian firm in the areas of image, product development and marketing. He has become a visiting professor at the European Institute of Design (I.E.D.) in Madrid and the Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia (CEU) where he delivers workshops on a regular basis. In the same period, he makes the definitive leap into the international arena. Participating in fairs and events leads to contacts and work for companies around the world.


We leave you with the interview, we hope you find it as interesting as we did:


What is for you the most rewarding thing about design?

What is most rewarding is when the projects materialize. No matter how big or small they are, I always get an incredible feeling. It’s that moment when everything makes sense.


How do you think design helps the building process

In many different ways and in all parts of the process… We are more involved in the more “superficial or final” layers, many times the most visible of the whole process. Today I don’t think you can understand the building process without the design and vice versa. Design contributes from very tangible values, such as the use of the material, up to those other intangible values, which is when someone is in a place and says how good it feels in here… well that’s all design.


What do you think about the use of ceramic material in floor and wall tiles?

It is one of the most widely used materials, I would say it is a basic one that is always a staple for any designer.


What could our collections contribute to your projects?

Serenity and timeless elegance.


What do you think of the ceramic material for exteriors?

A very interesting solution due to its high degree of resistance.


What trends in design do you currently see?

Everything is becoming more eclectic, but I bet on “calm” textures and colors.


Our tiffany collection allows you to create a natural stone effect. What kind of environment would you use it in?

I see it in many spaces, but perhaps always in large format in lounges and terraces, restaurants, hotel entrances…


The large format is essential in our collections, what do you think of it?

Today it is essential, especially having within the range all the collections with 10×120 interior and exterior formats.