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This is our first collaboration with Nadis design and we couldn’t be more excited with the results. We have developed a tile collection and a couple of fine clay lattices.


The clay is a fantastic material, its aesthetic and functional features are unbeatable.
– does not collect dust
– it is cold in summer and warm in winter
– its surface properties make it a mould and bacteria free material.

In addition, it can be infinitely recycled and it is handcrafted.


For the terracota we have chosen the most common size (15×15) and we have subtracted a circle that later on is going to be glazed in different colors allowing different decorative options depending on the tone of the clay and the color of the glaze.


The terracota collection is made up of the 4 different colors of the clay combined with the 4 different types of glazes. As a result we are offering a wide range of combinations that interior designers and architects can choose from.


The lattice is 20×20 cm and we have repeated the use of the circle. We have subtracted two sizes of the circle and placed them off the center. Even if at first glance the lattice seems quite simple, its potential lies in the repetition of the unit in facades or interior partitions, creating patterns that can be both ornamental and floral as well as simple and symmetrical.


With this collection we invite architects and designers to shape an infinite number of compositions adapted to their project.


The patterns and layouts can be more eclectic or conservative, depending on their approach.

The lattice can be placed outside, on facades, like it has always been used. Nowadays the tendency is to use it in home interiors as a dividing element (for example to separate the kitchen from the living room).
The second lattice of the collection has a rather neutral design. It sustends the creation of more quiet compositions and combining it with the first one increases the aestetic possibilities.


Both finishes: natural or glazed in black are available.



Inspiration, creative process and motivation are the 3 fundamental keys when creating any project. 


Studio Inma Bermúdez is based in Valencia, Spain. Founded in 2007 by industrial designer Inma Bermúdez, in 2009 Moritz Krefter joined the studio. Inma Bermúdez, studied Industrial Design at the University Cardenal Herrera CEU in Valencia as well as one year at the School of Applied Sciences and Design of Pforzheim, Germany. 


She began her professional career in industrial design working for German design studios like IDEA, BUSSE DESIGN and PRODESIGN. She has also collaborated at the VITRA DESIGN MUSEUM workshops in SouthWest France, taking on the roles of programme coordinator, public relations, as well as assistant to the designers Sigga Heimis, Jaime Hayón and the studio CuldeSac.


Since 2007 is collaborating regularly for the Swedish brand IKEA and the Spanish Porcelain Manufacture Lladró. Her work is focused mainly on furniture, lighting and accessories but she is always happy and curious to be immersed in new fields. She develops products for different companies from all over the world like Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, India and Colombia. She also complements the work at the studio teaching in different Design Schools.


And for the first collaboration with Nadis Design she is the creator of the collection ALBERTINA & MATILDA.